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Event: ICHEP 2010
Event ID:
Valid for travel from
16/07/2010 to 02/08/2010
Event location:
Paris, France

Discounts are applied to a wide range of airfares on all Air France and KLM flights worldwide, if passengers are travelling on the following classes of travel: Espace Affaires [Business] and Economique [Coach]. 10% rebate is applied on published non-restrictive public fares. A reduction of -5% is granted on restrictive-discounted fares.

www.airfranceklm-globalmeetings.com to

• access the preferential fares granted for this event,
• make your online reservation,
• issue your electronic ticket*,
• select your seat**,
• and print your boarding card**.

If you buy your ticket via Air France and KLM Global Meetings website, your electronic ticket will carry
a special mention which justifies the application of the preferential fares.

Should you prefer to process your reservations and ticket-purchase directly with an Air France and
KLM sales outlet, you must keep this current document which serves to justify the application of the preferential airfares.

Print and keep this current page (event, event ID...) to justify the special fares with you as you may be asked for it at any point of your journey.

To locate your nearest Air France and KLM sales point, visit: www.airfrance.com .
You will need to quote the reference given above which is registered in Air France and KLM data under: GGAIRAFEVENTNEGO

Frequent flyer / loyalty programs of Air France and KLM partner airlines are credited with "miles" when
Air France or KLM flights are used.

* not available in certain countries
** subject to conditions

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